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Guide: Trasncript Section
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Trasncript Section

The transcript window supports the video being played, and aids your learning process. It also adds more functions and features to enrich your viewing experience.
While the movie is playing, the relevant portion of the text is highlighted to draw your attention.
Step 1. You can click on any part of the text to jump to that portion.
The video will jump to the clicked section.
Step 2. To print the text, click the print button.
This opens your printer interface, and you can click "Print" to take a printout of the process.
Step 3. To view all the transcripts of all showlets, Click the "view full transcripts" button.
The current showlet is positioned in this view.
To see other Scripts,
Step 4. Simply scroll through and view them.
To jump to any showlet,
Step 5. Simply click the title of the showlet.
Step 6. To play any film,Click the Play Button.
This loads the film in the video player.
Step 7. Click play to start playing the showlet.
You can also take notes and comment on the video.
Step 8. Click the Refer it Button.
The refer it section opens. Previous comments made by viewers are displayed.
You can write your own comments, which will be visible to all viewers....

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