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Chroma Key Kit: How to do Classic Three Point Lighting
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Classic Three Point Lighting

The classic Three Point Lighting scheme is one way to light your subject. We use three lights. 1. The Key light. This is the MAIN light source, lighting up the subject. 2. A Fill light. This secondary light fills in light from the other direction, and reduces shadows cast by the key light. 3. A Hair or Rim light. Used from behind, this provides a rim of light around the subject. This clearly separates the subject from the background.Step1. Ensure your subject is standing or seated at a sufficient distance from the backdrop green screen.Step2. Arrange the main light for your subject. In this demo, we use a 4 bank light fixture that uses four 55 watt CFL lamps rated at 3600 kelvin. Step3. Position the fixture to cast light on your subject from a forty five degree angle to her left. Step4. Adjust the height so that it points slightly downward at the subject's face.Control the intensity of light, by moving the light closer or away. Step5. Bring in another light fixture to provide fill from the opposite direction...

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Chroma Key Kit

Backdropsource Chroma Key Kit

Chromakey is used in digital photography and video for the replacement of background images with other digital images.The chroma key blue and green are distinct in hue from the human skin tones so they are mostly preferred for special effects and for video. This technique is used in movies, television and weather broadcasts. Features: Made up of 100% cotton muslin. They are extremely durable and machine washable. It is hemmed on all four sides and it can be slid easily through the poles of the backdrop support system with the help of rod pocket. Use clamps at the edges of the muslin to avoid wrinkles. The standard sizes come in 10ftx15ft and 10ftx20ft. Please call us or email us to order sizes greater than 10ft wide and other custom sizes. For all orders of 10ft x 27ft and above please allow us 3-4 days for the product to be shipped from the date of the order.

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